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Agya Bomofour celebrates 20years in Ghana Music Industry in a post

Agya Bomofour who is now known as Thunder Gospelz celebrates his 20years in Ghana Music Industry in a post.

He quoted “20 Years Today, This album was released!!! What comes to your mind, remembering this song “Meda Ho Mawo “

Great contributors to the success of this album: Anane Frimprince Mōs KiBhans , Zapp Mallet, Mr Antwi , Franky Taylor, Mr Abbey, Lucky Mensah ,Fuma Koshi , Emmanuel Owusu Sarpong Marfo just to mention few!!!

‘For me I remember I was chasing some lady and she was giving me tough times and so when I released this album, it became cool33m for me to get her🤣🤣🤣🤣

Watch the cover version of the album below


The Title Sankofa which means “Go back and Get It” is a new EP from the man Thunder Gospelz (Agya Bomofour) which embodies a beautiful work.

The EP features four main songs which is Adepa Wo Fie, Meda Ho Mawo, Mebroni and Adwoa Foowaa

These are songs that were released more than 20years ago , remixed and presented today to the new audience.

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Enjoy Adepa Wofie


The song speaks for itself as it seeks to lift the spirit believers and also prompt them about the magnificence of the Almighty God.

Diana Asamoah who is noted for many hit gospel songs including ‘Pentecost Sore Ndwom’, ‘Mabowodin na mafre wo’ and a host of others, was of the conviction that the song would be received well by all who hear it.

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Evangelist Diana Asamoah who is known for her recent album, “Tetelesta” has released a song to encourage christians to be strong during these unprecedented times.The song which talks about the “The Return of Christ” to save his people for a lot of people are suffering.

The song features Quame Gyedu an upcoming gospel artiste which is produced by Bassi Mix and video directed by Sky Web Productions.

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There’s been a lot of talk about where Ghana stands when it comes to music. Which genre do we really own? With the latest influence of foreign genres in our music, the time has come to celebrate our own. I believe Hiplife is one of the genres that’s truly Ghanaian hence the reason to start this initiative.



Many have argued on how the music of today has been “diluted” in terms of content. “We hardly find good messages in songs nowadays”

Bringing Hiplife back is not an initiative to look down on what the new crop of musicians are doing but an initiative to re-emphasize the importance of good lyrical content in music.


The team has decided to go back and create renditions of the songs of yesterday which I believe is what our brothers in Nigeria are doing today. E.g Burnaboy’s “Ye” was taken from (Fela’s “Sorrow, Tears & Blood”)
There are a lot of great songs that can be reproduced to engage the new audience.

Meda Ho Mawo is the first of many to come in the quest of bringing hiplife back. Enjoy this song by the first artiste on our list, Agya Bomofour Thunder

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